Tensira was born from the meeting of two souls passionate about craftsmanship, Hamidou Diallo, of Guinean origin, and Tuulia Makinen Diallo, hailing from Finland. Founded in 2009, Tensira embodies a celebration of Guinean craftsmanship and its precious heritage.
 Photo credit : Celia Spenard-Ko for Goodee

Honoring Guinean Craftsmanship
At the heart of the Republic of Guinea, every piece in the Tensira collection comes to life. The brand's workshops have always been rooted in this beautiful country, the source of inspiration for Tuulia and Hamidou, who were committed to creating sustainable livelihoods for Guinean artisanal communities. All stages of production, from spinning, weaving, dyeing, to sewing, are carried out in Tensira's workshops.

Each season, Tensira highlights Guinean know-how of weaving and indigo dyeing tradition,

combining it with Nordic design. This unique blend gives rise to timeless, modern, and authentic creations. Tensira works closely with artisans who possess exceptional skills, to ensure the authenticity of its creations.

The Art of Tie&Dye and Natural Indigo 

Tensira revives natural indigo in a truly artisanal manner with its tie&dye fabrics. Crafted by talented artisans, they are made using traditional techniques passed down through generations. Each linear meter of tie&dye fabric can contain over 3,600 points, meticulously sewn and then unsewn one by one after dyeing. This level of craftsmanship makes Tensira’s products unique and gives them a level of quality unmatched by similar mass-produced products.

Towards Sustainable and Zero Waste Production 

Tensira has its own workshops, allowing for the reuse of all fabric scraps and the optimization of production processes, thus contributing to a zero-waste production model. We ensure good and respectful working conditions for all our employees. We guarantee fair wages, propose accommodation, a company cantine and health care to all our collaborators.

Since 2009, Tensira's workshops have been powered by solar panels, aligning the brand with eco-responsible practices. Tensira's commitment to sustainability represents an essential pillar and illustrates the direction in which the brand aims to evolve in the years to come.

Tensira, a Commitment to Women 

The sewing and dyeing team at Tensira is mainly composed of women. Moreover, the brand collaborates with dozens of groups of artisans throughout Guinea. We encourage women‘s work to enable them to support their families with a regular income.

Over the years, Tensira has managed to unveil the timeless beauty of Guinean craftsmanship while infusing a touch of modernity. Each of its collections is an invitation to discover the richness of Guinean craftsmanship.
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October 10, 2023 — Tuulia Diallo