Workshop and Know-how

Tensira proposes upscale home linen and fashion accessories from West Africa. Tensira fabrics are 100% cotton, spun, woven and dyed in their workshop in the Republic of Guinea.

An ode to Guinean craftsmanship

Hamidou Diallo, Tensira’s co-founder, has established the brand’s workshops in Guinea, his birth country, having at heart the creation of a sustainable economic activity for the Guinean artisanal community. Tensira threads, weaves, dyes and sews its timeless designs in cotton in this country that is an integral part of who he is.

« Our core value is to promote sustainable production and fair work environment for all our collaborators »

Know-how and sustainable production

Tensira is reviving traditional indigo dyeing in its workshop in Guinea. One meter of tie&dye fabric contains about 3,600 stitches that are sewn and then unsewn after dyeing one by one. This level of craftsmanship makes Tensira’s products unique and gives them a level of quality unmatched by similar mass produced products.


Being owned by Tensira, the workshop can put an emphasis on up-cycling of offcuts and scrap fabrics to optimize the manufacturing process and remain as sustainable as possible. Tensira's workshops use solar pannels since 2009.


Our know-how

« Indigos are hand-dyed according to this traditional method and bring out Tensira’s signature deep blue. »

Tensira, committed to women

The majority of the Tensira's tayloring and dying team members are women. Tensira also collaborates with dozens of groups of artisans throughout Guinea. We encourage women‘s work to enable them to support their families with a regular income.

We offer all our employees good and fair working conditions. Tensira has established a very precise quality control charter in order to guarantee the best quality of production.