Today, we introduce to you La Trésorerie, a beautiful concept store located in the heart of Paris, in the 10th arrondissement.
La Trésorerie translates "The Treasury" in English.
Situated at 8 and 11 rue du Château d'Eau, this space is much more than just a store, it is a unique experience that will delight design enthusiasts that are looking for responsible and high-quality products.
As you step into this place, you are instantly transported to the distinctive world of La Trésorerie. Under the grand glass roof of the former General Treasury of the 10th arrondissement of Paris, you will discover a selection of beautiful, useful, and respectful objects and products, all while remaining affordable.


Since its opening in 2013, Tensira has been the proud partner of La Trésorerie.
This concept store is renowned for its carefully curated collection of items that reflect a commitment to sustainability and enduring design. It emphasizes craftsmanship, quality and a timeless aesthetic.
Each item has a story to tell, and you won't find disposable products here, but rather unique pieces designed to endure over time.
In the tradition of general stores, old bazaars, drugstores and hardware stores, La Trésorerie invites you to discover kitchen utensils, tableware, home textiles, small furniture, lighting, bath accessories, and much more!

During our autumn visit to La Trésorerie, we were once again enchanted by the diversity and beauty of the products on display. Among the treasures offered, you will find an adorable selection of custom sized Tensira napkins (35x35cm). These cute pieces woven in our workshops in Guinea, are not only functional but also bring an elegant touch to your table. You can also discover placemats, a wide range of cushions and a sharp selection of Tensira kimonos.

Visit La Trésorerie at 8 and 11 rue du Château d'Eau in Paris and let yourself be charmed by all these treasures.
You can also find La Trésorerie online at
October 31, 2023 — Tuulia Diallo