The holiday season is approaching, bringing with it the excitement of finding the perfect gift for our loved ones. If you are looking for unique ideas, why not consider Tensira’s home linen? From the timeless overlay mattress to the elegant cushion covers, to the beautiful kimonos, tablecloths, and napkins, home linen offers a variety of options for every budget!

Today, discover 5 gift ideas that will delight your loved ones during the Christmas festivities!

Tensira mattress topper: the most iconic piece since 2009
Since the brand's creation, the Tensira overlay mattress has become an essential piece in each collection. It's a classic Tensira item that brings style to your interior. Versatile and comfortable, it fits perfectly into various rooms in the house, whether in the bedroom to enhance bedding, in the living room to add a touch of elegance to the sofa, or even on a bench or a daybed to enhance their charm. Want to give a bold and unique gift? Opt for layering several mattresses to play with patterns, colors, and create an irresistible universe. Available in different sizes, options, and a multitude of fabrics, the Tensira overlay mattress adapts to all tastes. The range of timeless or plain stripes is a good choice if you are unsure of your loved one’s preferences!
Our soft black and off-white stripe K.225 is a Tensira classic that easily integrates into any decor. We love it spread on a sofa in neutral tones. Find it on the online shop in a lovely tufted version as well as in the very practical removable version!
We offer two types of filling:
Opt for our cotton filling for a bedroll with 100% natural fibers!
Choose our new 100% recycled microfiber filling. Very practical, this option combines softness, lightness, and easy maintenance as it is machine washable.
Find these treasures online with a festive selection on the Christmas shop!
Tensira Cushion Covers: For Decor Enthusiasts!
For decoration enthusiasts, our Christmas selection of cushion covers is an invitation to brighten up their interior. A few cushion covers can change the atmosphere of a room. Place them on the sofa, bed, or a beautiful set of Tensira mattress toppers to create a unique universe. Their practical envelope closure allows you to easily remove the covers and change them as you wish! They are available in several sizes. We recommend alternating between square and rectangular cushions. This combination of shapes and sizes energizes and brings life to the decor.

Each cushion cover can be purchased with an interior filled with 100% natural fiber. Find them here on our eshop. The Christmas selection harmonizes perfectly with our collection of timeless cushion covers, offering the possibility of endlessly combining the cushion covers. Unleash your creativity by mixing and matching these cushion covers to create a unique story. 

Elegant Indigo Kimono for Stylish Lounging at Home
If your loved ones enjoy spending time at home, the Tensira indigo kimono is THE perfect gift. There's nothing like wrapping yourself in a beautiful kimono woven from 100% natural material. It can be worn for relaxing moments at home or as a bathrobe after a bath.
Its unisex cut adapts to all body types, with a straight base, envelope closure, and adjustable belt. The wide sleeves, typical of kimonos, offer freedom of movement and maximum comfort without compromising elegance and simplicity.

Tensira Table Linens: Practical and Elegant for Festive Gatherings
For those who love hosting family and friends around beautiful tables, Tensira tablecloths are the ideal choice. Practical and elegant, they accompany daily meals or grand occasions perfectly. Tensira tablecloths are designed to accommodate between 6 and 8 guests. They are easy to maintain and simply go into the machine. Discover our special Christmas selection for the holidays! You can also explore our complete range of tablecloths on our eshop.

Mix & Match Tensira Table Napkins
Complete your selection with our 100% cotton table napkins. Play with patterns and colors to brighten up the entire table. Machine washable and made from high-quality cotton, our napkins are ideal for daily use. At Tensira, we love mix & match! The timeless patterns available on our eshop blend perfectly with the Christmas selection currently online, offering an infinite variety of options. Explore our website to find the perfect combination that will add a touch of sophistication to your loved ones' meals!

November 30, 2023 — Tuulia Diallo