Our Ultimate Guide to Caring for Your Luxury Home Linens

Are you the proud owner of TENSIRA's luxury home linens? As you know, all TENSIRA creations are crafted in our workshops in the Republic of Guinea, using natural or recycled materials. The process is meticulously controlled from the raw material stage, featuring exquisite OEKO-TEX certified premium cotton, sustainably grown and produced in Africa, then transformed into high-end home linens and fashion accessories in our workshops in Guinea.
We're eager to share our best tips for maintaining your TENSIRA home linens, synonymous with enduring luxury. Always opt for gentle, organic, and eco-friendly laundry products for cleaning your TENSIRA luxury home linens. All TENSIRA linens can be machine washed at 30°C (indigos dyed with vegetable dye and microfiber-filled mattress toppers) or at 40°C, and dry cleaned for natural fiber padding.
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You can machine wash all TENSIRA home linens. Choose a 40°C cycle for striped fabric products and a 30°C cycle for products dyed with natural indigo.
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Long-Term Preservation of Your Linens

1. Dry Properly: Favor air drying whenever possible to avoid excessive exposure to dryer heat, which can compromise fabric quality.
2. Iron with Care: If needed, iron your linens at appropriate temperatures and use a press cloth to protect delicate fibers.
3.Store Properly: Ensure your linens are stored in a clean, dry place away from direct sunlight to prevent color fading and fiber deterioration.
4.Treat Stains Promptly: Act quickly to remove stains using appropriate methods for the type of fabric involved.
5. Make Repairs as Needed: Mend minor snags or loose stitches as they occur to prevent them from worsening over time.
TENSIRA home linens are built to last, and by following these tips and tricks, you can ensure that your TENSIRA luxury home linens retain their splendor and quality for even longer. Care for your textiles with love, and they will reward you with enduring beauty.
April 23, 2024 — Tuulia Diallo