Since 2009, Tensira has been committed to designing and creating home linens and fashion accessories made from the highest quality OEKO-TEX certified cotton sourced from West Africa, with a focus on sustainable luxury.
All our fabrics are made of 100% cotton, hand-dyed in Tensira's workshops in the Republic of Guinea. Our indigos are dyed with natural indigo dye.
Each product we offer is made from high-quality yarns sourced from West Africa, carefully chosen for their authenticity, origin, and exceptional quality.

The Beginnings of Tensira

Tensira was founded in 2009 following the meeting of Hamidou Diallo, of Guinean descent, and Tuulia Makinen Diallo, originally from Finland. Tuulia graduated in Marketing and Textile Product Management from Mod’Spe in Paris. She began her career at Jean Paul Gaultier in New York, then worked for the Tod's Group at Roger Vivier in Paris. Her experiences are a source of inspiration for Tensira.

Tensira Spring - Summer 2024 collection 

For the Spring-Summer 2024 collection, it draws inspiration from soft gray tones, mixed with pastels, off-white, and beige, evoking the entrance to a magnificent French Riviera hotel with a retro touch. We have incorporated influences from noble materials such as marble and mahogany, inviting you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the French Riviera Hotel, reminiscent of a Hollywood movie scene. 
Tensira's timeless navy blue stripes are ubiquitous in this collection. Bring a holiday feel to your interiors with endless possibilities for combinations.

Don't Miss Out on Tensira Essentials 

Our best-selling items this season include our dog mattresses (soon available online), our mattress toppers filled with recycled microfiber, as well as our tablecloths and napkins. 
Our flagship piece of the season: kimonos! We love their unique tie-dye patterns.
Each step of our production process, from hand-dyeing to sewing, reflects our commitment to craftsmanship. At Tensira, we blend tradition and modernity, driven by our passion and commitment to providing you with the most beautiful products on Earth.
March 13, 2024 — Tuulia Diallo