Removable cushion cover 50×50 cm with natural fibre insert


100% cotton, spun, woven and dyed by hand. Interior in natural fiber.

Our cushion covers varies from soft and subtle color palette to indigos and graphic stripes, all mix together perfectly.

They come with a natural fibre lined interior.

Cushion cover

Cushion 50x50
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These cushion covers come in a timeless palette of colours and patterns from TENSIRA. They are available in the small square format (40×40 cm) ideal for decoration, the large square format (60×60 cm) for use as a bed or sofa and the rectangular format (40×60 cm) ideal for use as a sofa back. They come with an interior upholstered in natural fibre.

Spun, woven and dyed by hand.

Small irregularities or variations in the color should not be considered as a default, this is specific and part of the charm of an entirely handmade product.
Made in the Republic of Guinea.

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