Household linen accessories


Discovering the new Tensira collection is like biting into a Saint Honoré. This cake so gourmand and emblematic of France and the famous street of Paris has inspired Tuulia for new delicious colors.

It is besides rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré that Tuulia began his career in the fashion by working for a prestigious French brand before launching in the adventure of Tensira with Hamidou.

Gourmet tie&dye caramel and chocolate meet the timeless cream stripes and evoke the Parisian cake. The raspberry tartan tells the story of the macaroon, as does the new rounded cushion shape.

The raspberry tartan and the newly shaped round pillows evoke another famous pastry - the macaron. The collection also offers a celadon green gingham, alongside other new tartans in the collection.

TENSIRA made in Africa is a lifestyle brand made in Guinea in a workshop managed by Hamidou, the manager of Tensira. The workshop works to the rhythm of Tuulia's inspirations and projects using natural materials and traditional looms.

This is how Tensira combines modernity and ancestral know-how since 2010. This year the workshop has been expanded to over 30,000 meters of weaving capacity.

Thanks to a great cohesion of the craftsmen and collaborators of Tensira, this project could be realized, giving access to all to good working conditions and a good future for Tensira.

Text by Violaine Belle-Croix / Trad by Deborah Sfez

100% Handwoven Cotton Linen and Accessories

Tensira offers home linen and accessories in 100% cotton, hand-spun, hand-woven and hand-dyed. The refinement of the dyes, the touch of the cotton entirely hand woven and the originality of the creations makes Tensira’s products unique. Tensira offers two collections a year and each collection is created around a specific theme.

Indigo and tie&dye 

TENSIRA is reviving traditional indigo dyeing in its workshop in Guinea. The indigo blue comes from the green leaves of the indigotier plant. This plant grows in the mountainous region of Guinea, and is famous for its excellent natural dyeing qualities. Hamidou’s mother was an expert in dyeing and did the first indigo blue dye for TENSIRA. Today, TENSIRA’s artisans repeat her method. The dyeing process consists of several phases. Indigos are hand-dyed according to this traditional method and bring out TENSIRA’s signature deep blue.

To attain the unique tie&dye patterns, each stitch is sewn separately using a needle and thread before soaking the textile and then wringing it dry. One meter of tie&dye fabric contains about 3,600 stitches that are sewn and then unsewn after dyeing one by one. This level of craftsmanship makes TENSIRA’s products unique and gives them a level of quality unmatched by similar mass produced products.


Home linen

TENSIRA is specialized in home linen and fashion accessories in 100% cotton. 

We propose cushion covers, throws and bed covers with fringes and curtains.
We have a best-selling line of over-lay mattresses and cushions filled with a natural fiber.

TENSIRA’s table linen includes: tablecloths, table runners, tea towels, napkins, placemats and aprons.
In the fashion accessories, you have kimonos, wrap shirts, tote bags, and pouches. 


The overlay mattresses and cushions are filled with 100% natural fiber that has a soft and silky touch as well as an excellent density.

The mattresses can be easily piled on a daybed.
The mix of stripes and indigos makes them irresistible!


Since 2015, Tensira has been collaborating with the French fashion icon Ines de la Fressange.
This collaboration includes cushions, throws and bed covers, tote bags, table linen as well as aprons and mattresses.

TENSIRA is highly requested for collaborations with beautiful brands such as Sézane, Samsonite, Bioderma, Sur La Table, Cutter Brooks.
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Since 2013 Tensira’s headquarters are located at prestigious 21 Place des Vosges in the third arrondissement of Paris.
We welcome clients upon appointment from Monday to Friday.