Tensira Made in Africa

Home Linen and Accessories

Tensira offers home linen and accessories in 100% cotton, hand-spun, hand-woven and hand-dyed. The refinement of the dyes, the touch of the cotton entirely hand woven and the originality of the creations makes Tensira’s products unique.

Tensira offers two collections a year and each collection is created around a specific theme.

Tensira offers a range of stripes – called Kas fabrics – and a range of indigos and tie and dye fabrics.

All fabrics are hand-woven with traditional weaving looms.


Indigo and Tie & Dye

The indigo blue comes from the green leaves of indigotier-plant. This plant grows in the mountainous region of Guinea, and is famous for its excellent dyeing qualities.

The know-how of the “tie & dye” and the indigo dyeing have been transmitted from generation to generation for centuries in Guinea. The dyeing process consists of several phases, including preparation, dyeing and finishing.

Moreover the name of Tensira comes from the name of a small Guinea village specialized in the dyeing of indigo.

In the tie&dye patterns, each stitch is sewn separately using a needle and a thread. One meter of tie & dye fabric contains about 3,600 stitches that are sewn and then unsewn after dyeing one by one. This level of craftsmanship makes Tensira’s products unique and gives them a level of quality unmatched by similar mass produced products.



Tensira makes bed linen, such as cushion covers, throws and bed covers with fringes and curtains. We also produce table and kitchen linen, including napkins, table runners, tea towels, tablecloths and placemats.

Products filled with Kapok include our best-selling line of overlay mattresses, quilts, chair cushions and floor cushions. Other accessories include bags and scarves.



The overlay mattresses and cushions are filled with Kapok, a silky 100% natural fibre.  This fibre grows in the shell of the Kapok-tree, known as the “cotton-silk” tree due to the very silky feel of the fibre. The picking, shelling and filling of the mattresses is done entirely by hand. The mattresses can be easily piled on a daybed. The mix of stripes and indigos makes them irresistible!


Ines de la Fressange x Tensira

Since 2015 Tensira has been collaborating with the French design icon Ines de la Fressange. This collaboration includes cushions, throws and bed covers, tote bags, table linen as well as aprons and mattresses.

Tensira Made in Africa